Student Work

How to submit your student work

Landscape Architecture Students:
Do not follow this submission procedure. Contact your instructor for your submission criteria.

Please refer to the instructions for how to scan or how to photograph your physical work as needed.

  1. Follow the directions here on how to save your work.  All work should be in PDF format for uploading to the server
  2. Place all PDF formatted work relating to specific assignments or projects in folders labeled with the name of the assignment or project.  Place these folders of work in another folder labeled in this format: COURSE NUMBER-SEMESTER-LAST NAME, FIRST NAME
    • SEMESTER is the year followed by a 2 letter code: Fall = FA, Spring = SP, Summer = SU
    • example: ARCH 1001-2013FA-NAME, STUDENT
  3. Work can only be uploaded from an FJSoA Lab computer (Room 041).  Copy your completed work folder to a flash drive and log into a lab computer.  Plug in your drive and start the FTP upload program by going to START > Filezilla or by clicking the Filezilla shortcut on the desktop.
  4. Upload your files to the FTP server according to these instructions.
  5. Any questions can be directed to